Gloves Off

Snake: “Explain yourself! How do you find joy with all of your pain and mistakes?!”

Me: “I don’t need to explain myself to you. Once upon a time, I thought I did. I don’t.”

Snake: “Your lack of words, responses, and/or confusion makes us angry!”

Me: “That sounds like a you problem.”

Snake: “Rawr! Well we are going to hurt your loved ones!”

Me: “Haven’t you already? & Don’t you see so many of them rising from the dust, only to create more beauty?”

Snake: “AHHH! Well haven’t you seen the news?! Isn’t it scary?!!”

Me: “When I’m not looking beyond… seeing/knowing beyond..yes. Can appear that way.”

Snake: “Well, I might just try to kill you!”

Me: “You’ve tried. Your time is done slimy one. (Places crown back on head after being polished.) You better get moving along worm. I see you have schemes a brewing.”

Snake: (Becomes dragon like for two seconds.) “I am not a worm!”

Me: (Laughing as he squirms/cowers ) “ mistake. Maybe you can explain to my Father just who you are. (Pops grape in mouth.. laying back.)

(Small snake slithers away swiftly.)

The end. 😁


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