What I thought would be a season of sorrow/striving is turning in to beautiful JOY. Joy is not the same ol toxic “just be happy” gig. Joy comes from letting go of expectations, coming in to yourself, & seeking answers. Joy is freedom! It lets me cry with a loved one. It lets me weep & mourn. The more real I get with myself, the more LOVE grows within me. & That’s the beast. The thing no illness or storm can take away from. I start truly enjoying being alone with my thoughts. (& That’s been quite the journey.) Because there is where I can be stolen from (by intruders) or built back up by the most amazing creator. I am NEVER alone. He speaks like a mighty wind, raging river, fire ablaze.. so FULL of love. & I’m resting in his healing now. If you’re struggling.. lean back in to what feels like home.
You are known. You are so very loved. Joy let’s us feel pain getting overtaken by hope.

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