For This Hour

I fell in love with him as a child. Life happened. The intense love both waivered and grew. For what seemed like a very long time. It is only growing now. Pieces of my puzzle fit perfectly. They rest secured. Protected and emboldened after all they have endured. A picture of a mountain I am climbing, and the name he once gave me. “Wildflower.” He said. I saw myself climbing a rocky and slippery mountain. Still – I continued to cover it in color. He said to “Grow towards the Sun.”
I am becoming exactly what I am meant to. I will grow towards the Son. Please come if you want to. I will hold you up when storms rage. This is a new chapter. A new page. Climb with me sweet souls. Bring your colors, creativity, art, pain, discoveries, joy, sound, and mountains. Discover with me how to hold and be held. We are not far from home. He loves you fiercely inside of your story. We will see our Creator. Many will lie. Do not listen. Tears flow as I ask you. ALL of you. To take my hand? Let’s cover these mountains in color before we reach the Sun.

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