The art of unfolding feels treacherous at times. Core beliefs plead within. They make a case for themselves daily.
She knows they are the perpetrators. Thoughts preached from both ill and well intentioned pulpits. This is about her now though. Re-discovering self and the divine has become a triage job. The case load is heavy. A span of time given over….now must have a voice. It does. It becomes loud over injustice once boldly served to her. “Not just once!” She screams silently. This is the story of many. So she fights for all. The darkness is clever, but so is she.
Heartache has been seductive.
A chess game in her mind. As evil attempts to steal her gaze, she has already taken it’s Knight.
This Queen will fight in the light.

2 responses to “Unfolding”

  1. Dear Ahni Beth, how are you, dear friend? I haven’t seen you on WP for a while. I can read, in your words, both pain and courage. I can really identify with the line, ‘Thoughts preached from both ill and well-intentioned pulpits.’ I’ve experienced something similar myself. The last line you wrote, ‘This Queen will fight in the light.’ is so powerful. This is you, dear Ahni Beth – you are braver and stronger than you are given credit for. Do take care of yourself now. Love Ellie xx 💝🌻💕


    1. Hi sweet friend! Thank you so much! This last year has been incredibly challenging. Disheartening, and I haven’t had the words. It helped to write a little again. Definitely turning a corner. Learning even more about myself, and am very excited for what is next. Love you fellow courageous one! Tku always for your encouraging words. ❤️🙏

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