Seeing Her

This morning I looked in the mirror and was proud of this girl. She has struggled with herself, and she has come so far.

I am proud of the friends that she keeps:

The values she holds:

The boundaries she sets:

The ways she is bold:

The light that she sees:

The secrets she owns:

The way that she grows:

Her fire inside:

How she no longer hides:

Discernment is her friend:

She seeks wisdom, and will not pretend:

Moving towards where she is called:

A new season, and she welcomes it all..

3 responses to “Seeing Her”

  1. Ahnibeth, How lovely to see you back here again! I’ve thought of you, and I’ve missed your writing and wonderful poetry. I love this one – there feels like there is a lot of positive feeling going on behind it, and it sounds like you’re in a good place – that can only be a fine thing. Forgive me if I’m misreading you – my opinion is just how I observe your words. What have you done to your leg? I hope it’s not too painful. Ellie x 💖💖

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    1. Ellie! I’ve missed you too! Tore my MCL, but finished school and I’m so excited! Very hard, but powerful few weeks. How are you?!! I need to catch up in here!! Life just gets so busy ya know? Haha
      You are spot on though. Many amazing things happening. I’ll try to fill everyone in soon. 💕 Luv you friend. Xo

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      1. Ouch! That must have been so painful – I hope it’s beginning to heal. A huge well done on finishing school – that’s excellent news. I’m so pleased that wonderful things are happening in your world, and I can hear how excited you are, too – it’s lovely to know.

        I’m okay … sort of … I have a complicated family decision to make. I wrote about it yesterday. I’m sure it’ll all come good in the end; it’s just all a bit unknown at the moment. It will sort itself out one way or another. So pleased you’re back here now, though. Yep – life certainly has a habit of getting in the way of our day-to-day business. I know a saying that goes, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” It’s so true as well. Take care, my dear friend xx 💜💖💚

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