The Angels Who See It All

My children’s eyes. Innocent and wild. I see each of their souls so clearly here. Beautiful blues, browns, and hazels full of dreams. From top to bottom our Izac, Ileana, Allison, and Ellamae. A Brady bunch made in heaven. They are 11, 10, and 8 years of age. I am so thankful that God has entrusted us with these precious ones. This year in 2022, they have seen the earth flip upside down. There is much evil and chaos. I know this always has been, but the last 3 years have shaken us. The whole world has trembled. We’ve longed for “normalcy,” a sense of safety, and the illusion of control. I watch these little eyes watching me. How sweet and wonderful. How completely terrifying. I look to my husband because he is the calm through any storm. Often times I AM the storm. (Haha) He boldly reminds me that I am a Lioness and a Mama bear. I don’t have to be afraid. Together we learn, him and I. (My amazing Matthew Shawn) Together we grow. These babies will see us fall. They will see us work through hard things. They will hear the words “I’m sorry” when we have hurt them, or each other. “My beautiful children…create with me as we grow together. You are kings, queens, and wildflowers. Let’s cover each mountain we face in sooo much color! I love you with my whole heart.” -Mom-

Thank you for being here friends. I hope my journey of love, pain, trauma, joy, adventure, chronic illness, and the mundane…will bring some hope, light, and healing to your days.

2 responses to “The Angels Who See It All”

  1. This is just so beautiful, Ahnibeth. Our children are our precious gifts entrusted to us for a while and ours to love, protect and cherish. Bless you and your family, Ellie. Xx 💗


    1. So very true! Thank you my friend. Bless your beautiful family as well! 🙏❤️Xx

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